Why To Opt For Workplace Video Surveillance?

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May 24, 2021
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Why video surveillance needed in workplace

Why Is Employee Monitoring Important?

Productivity is the major aspect of a successful business. Companies are always in a run to improve productivity, and the latest is the usage of employee monitoring software and surveillance. Thanks to rapidly growing digital technology, employee monitoring technologies and workplace privacy have become more important nowadays. Employee monitoring means a set of effective methods which the employer uses to track employee activities. These methods include time trackers, biometric technology, video surveillance, etc. If your company plans to use the video surveillance method, it is important to understand the rules regarding the same. Let’s look at the different guidelines that need to be followed if you opt for video surveillance monitoring.

Guidelines For Workplace Surveillance

– Confirming The Need

Before an organization plans to have a video surveillance system, they must confirm the need for such a monitoring method. For example, they want to give additional protection to their employee’s safety and security or monitor their productivity. Once they find the absolute reason behind installing video surveillance, they need to do some groundwork and find a comfortable way to meet it. Opting for video surveillance means the company has to hire additional staffs to deal with the equipment. It is the responsibility of the company to limit video surveillance to serve a particular purpose only.

– Limitations

The company should ensure that the cameras will be recording as per the specific time only rather than 24/7. In addition, laws prohibit the installation of cameras in places such as a locker room or washroom. Therefore, the company has to ensure that the audio is not recording unless it’s necessary.

– Let The People Know

As per law, businesses opting for video surveillance must let people know that they are getting recorded. So keeping a simple signboard or stickers is necessary to let the people know that they are entering an area under video surveillance. This allows the members and public to decide whether they want to enter the area or not. Also, it will be better to have a clear policy with monitoring employees that allows the staff to know why the companies use such surveillance and the same. In addition to that, the company should also have the policy documented, and it should be easily accessible to all the employees.
Benefits Of Video Surveillance

 Video Surveillance for employee monitoring


– Provides Security

Surveillance cameras ensure the entrance and inside of your office are secured. In addition, the video camera will monitor who enters and leaves the building, which ensures that the employees are safe.

– Reduces Workplace Crime

Crimes can be reduced to an extension if you opt for video surveillance. For example, with video surveillance monitoring, internal theft can be reduced. If the employees know that they are being monitored, it will discourage them from stealing things from the office.

– Prevents Workplace Violence And Harassment

Video surveillance is one of the best ways to prevent harassment and violence at the workplace. So potential criminals avoid any workplace violence and harassment if they know that they have been monitored; if they do any violence, then the company will have the evidence to put them behind bars.

– Offers Productive Work Culture

Surveillance cameras can help in cultivating a good and productive work culture. If they know that they have been monitored, employees will work hard and not waste any time, resulting in high productivity. Companies can also monitor the login and logout time of the employees and figure out who is wasting more time without any work.

– Cut Down The Security Cost

Opting for video surveillance reduces the cost of security when compared to the traditional method. In addition, installing video surveillance will be much cheaper when comparing it with the manual effort of recruiting and monitoring security staff for the building. These days, with the help of digital technology, video surveillance can be accessed from anywhere, thanks to high-tech wireless systems. In addition, modern video surveillance equipment is getting smaller, and it is possible to fix it at any place which the customer or the employees might not notice. An additional advantage of video surveillance is that it requires less maintenance.
Before installing the video surveillance, it is always appreciated to speak with your HR department and clear the norms and rules about installing one in your office. Read more


In today’s competitive business landscape, having high productivity is critical for success. It’s no surprise then that companies are always looking for new ways to improve productivity – and the latest trend in this area is employee monitoring software and video surveillance. Employee monitoring means a set of effective methods which the employer uses to track employee activities. These methods include time trackers, bio metric technology, video surveillance et cetera. If your company plans on using one or more of these tools, it’s important to keep in mind the rules governing their usage so you don’t violate any laws or regulations!

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