Creating, Designing & Providing Office & Workstation Magic To You

The area where you work from should satisfy two things. The first – it should be extremely comfortable as you spend a good chunk of time in it. The second – it should appeal to your senses because a pleasing space is a more productive place. Benzzoni designs, creates and provides office seating and workstation solutions that ensure both these qualities are merged.


Building Modular Office Workstations Through Innovation

We wholeheartedly believe that a workstation should fit the job and not the position. This means when we create workstations that require both computer-based tasks and paper-based tasks, there are bigger than just the ones that perform only one. We also comprehend that with time the task classification of a person can increase or decrease. This would require a corresponding change in the size of the workstation.

Thus, building innovative modular office workstations that can be rearranged at any point is what we do best. We invest in modern furniture, comfortable styling, and efficient space management to create optimal works spaces.

When the need is for a brilliant aesthetically appealing yet highly practical
office seating and workstation solution, the only true answer is us.
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Thinking Efficient & Affordable Office Furniture

An office environment that is not well managed leads to employees that are uncomfortable and unproductive. To create a practical workspace one need to use office furniture that is personalised to the workstation of a person and intelligently designed. Productivity increase almost tenfold when the office furniture is seen as an extension of the employee, instead of just a place to sit. This is why you need to think about affordable and efficient office furniture.

When you choose a good office furniture solution provider, they should begin by making a detailed list of all the needs of an office. From must-haves like computer and telephone to miscellaneous things like a cell phone holder, the list needs to be comprehensive. Only then should you begin to think of all the furniture that will be required to store the mechanical components and the human counterparts of an office.


There are some tips that can be followed to create the most efficient workstation. The foremost is a chair that provides excellent lumbar support. The screen of the computer should be an arm’s length away with the keyboard and monitor being placed right in front of you. When typing or using another input device the wrist should be in line with the forearms. The surface of your workstation should always be stable, especially the keyboard.

Your feet should be flat on the ground or a footrest. The angle of the hip, knees, and ankles should optimally be ninety degrees or as close as possible. The same applies to your arms and elbows. The screen of your laptop or computer should not have any glare. Invest in anti-glare filters, if needed. If you use paper documents in tandem with a computer, keep it next to the screen. And last, take breaks to stretch out and move as frequently as possible.

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