Become a Furniture Designer: Education and Career Roadmap

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May 24, 2021
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Education and Career Roadmap for Furniture Designers
There are various pathways to a career in furniture design. The bachelor courses in interior design include, for example, architectural illustration, computer-aided design, textile colour theory, lighting design, art and philosophy.

Get a Degree certificate
Some courses of study give the interior design courses the opportunity to concentrate on furniture design. Rare are the certificate programs for furniture design, but they teach the basics of office furniture design concepts and include courses on the furniture design process, furniture manufacturing techniques, furniture history and capstone projects where students demonstrate their newly acquired skills. Furniture designers have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline such as industrial or interior design.

Develop a Portfolio
Employers use a designer portfolio – a collection of their best work and design suggestions – to assess applicants for design projects. Your portfolio should represent your creativity and style.

At the beginning of your career, it may consist of college assignments, but it will evolve as you progress as a furniture designer. Portfolio development includes everything from design studies to programs that can help you build your own portfolio.

When planning a portfolio, you can start by looking for work locally. You can also search the internet for other designer portfolios. Watching other people at work can pique the curiosity of designers, inspire them and give insights into what makes a good portfolio.

Finding Employment
Furniture designers work in a variety of fields, including design companies and furniture factories, and many are self-employed or work on a contract basis for customers. Many people who have difficulty finding a job can get a foot in the door by doing entry-level work. One way to find work is to join a group of companies. The American Society of Furniture Designers, for example, offers its members networking opportunities, job placements, and a professional directory.

Stay updated
Employers prefer candidates who are familiar with the pros and cons of the industry. For example, you could work as a salesman for an interior design company. A job as a salesman will introduce you to a wide range of furniture designs, styles and fabrics.

Furniture designers must have a bachelor’s degree in industrial or interior design, and references in furniture design should be present in designers “design portfolios to demonstrate their skills and work to attract employers. Furniture designers should stay up to date with industrial products and techniques. Designers should have access to Furniture World magazine and other industry magazines. They should also use industry associations and services to participate in fine furniture fairs and international contemporary furniture fairs.

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