How to Optimize Your Workspace for Healthy Office Ergonomics

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May 24, 2021
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May 24, 2021

Working in the office may not harm your health, but exhaustion and sedentary work can cause a number of problems. You probably know already that your workplace environment can have a negative effect on your body and your mind, even if you do not have a demanding job.

With this increase, many companies are looking for new ways to integrate ergonomics into their work environment. You can increase the efficiency of your employees and improve their comfort and health. Ergonomics is the study of how people and their success in the workplace look like.

Every aspect of the modern cubicle office furniture can be improved. The only question is where to start and what to change. The most popular methods to improve the working environment come from employees and managers.

High-quality lighting
Lighting is an important aspect of ensuring a healthy working environment, which is often ignored. Various studies have shown that light has an influence on employee productivity and mood. Natural light is considered the most effective source of light for a productive workplace. Employers, however, often neglect lighting when looking for ways to improve their workplace.

Natural light and exterior views have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood and morale. This can be explained in two ways. First of all, natural light is pleasant to our eyes and does not burden them. Employees can concentrate for long periods without having to take breaks to soothe their eyes.

Natural light helps in our circadian cycle. Our body uses the sun to tell us when it is time to work and when it should be time to relax. Artificial light disturbs this delicate balance and can lead to fatigue and early burnout symptoms.

Workplace employees should close windows as much as possible to allow light into the workplace. Lunch should be eaten outside, away from others and in an office park.

Against this background, the positioning of light becomes an important aspect of effective lighting.

Light must be installed throughout the office in such a way that it is reliable. Many workplaces involve working after sunset, so artificial light is often used in the workplace.

This means you don’t have to squint to look at things, and you won’t have to worry about glare on the screen. There’s a lot going on all at once.

It is no secret that prolonged sitting can be detrimental to health. In an office environment, employees spend an average of seven hours a day sitting down. This causes many joints and muscles to suffer. The body needs daily physical exercise to avoid neck and leg pain.

Therefore, it is important that you encourage exercise throughout the day. Even something as simple as getting up and going to the water cooler can be beneficial for your back. Our body is not designed to sit for long periods of time, so it is especially important to stay active during working hours.

Ample movement
Workers should not have to sacrifice their well-being to keep up with their work. Encourage employees to take the necessary breaks to work more comfortably. Employees should be motivated by a two to three hour sequence of distances. If possible, a few quick stretches and light exercises in movement should suffice.

Adjustable monitors
Computer screens are used for a significant proportion of office workplaces. While there is much debate about how monitors affect or prevent vision damage, few offices deal with neck pain. Moreover, monitors that are not set up correctly are notorious for causing poor posture.

Our necks are built in such a way that we can keep them straight for long periods of time without getting tired. The human head is relatively light and weighs about ten pounds.

On the other hand, poor posture allows for uneven weight distribution, which puts pressure on the spine. How your machine is set up has a direct influence on how your neck is located. If you set it incorrectly, your neck will be put under additional strain. If your neck was not correctly positioned, you need to change it to balance it out. Adjustable display arms can help solve the angle problem.

Standing desks
Working at a typical desk that requires long stretches of seating is unhealthy. Excessive sitting can cause problems, and mixing does little to prevent them. If employees can maintain a good posture while sitting at their desks for a long time, they can perform better. For this reason, standing tables are becoming increasingly popular.

Going to the water cooler every now and then is not enough to prevent pain and other musculoskeletal problems. Seating and standing tables, on the other hand, have proven effective in a variety of office environments.

Employees who work seated at the desk can switch between the two modes whenever they want. Their height is adjustable so that they can keep the monitor at eye level, no matter where they sit. On the other hand, a standing desk requires some adjustments. Standing for a long time can be just as dangerous as sitting for a long time, so a combination of both is a better option. There is no reason you cannot do your job standing or sitting down.

First, you need to wear comfortable shoes, especially if you are a stand-in. Standing and shuffling around during work can cause your standing table mat to bang against the floor. Some employees feel uncomfortable, but it is easier for them to get used to sitting at the standing table. Their feet begin to swell and they can return to sitting within seconds so that their work is not interrupted.

Lush foliage
Plants are an essential part of the modern workplace. It is a well-known fact that equipment improves the productivity of the organization. They bring colour and natural elements into spaces that are otherwise without these elements.

With the scent and aura that surround them, the employees feel comfortable and have more clarity in their work when they are surrounded by plants. Not only the optical effect of plants is beneficial. Getting natural greenery in your office will also help your workers, especially if you keep the plants alive. Looking out the window, green can help reduce stress and increase productivity.

Jade plants and peace lilies are excellent for office greening. The plants you choose should be low-maintenance, offer a pleasant green view and match your office decor. Not all plants are suitable for indoor use, especially if the office is too busy with maintenance.

Peace lilies send a signal in the form of hanging flowers when they need to be watered. Peace lilies are easy to maintain as they require only a small amount of water.

Investing in well-designed furniture and safe office accessories is a smart move for the future of your company. As a result, you have fewer accidents at work and a healthier workplace. Not to mention that the staff are happy to hear that you care about their welfare.

Increasing employee productivity benefits the bottom line. Don’t be afraid to invest in ergonomic design. Even small changes can make a big difference to employee productivity and satisfaction.

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