How Can Innovative Furniture Ideas Save Space?

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Nowadays, people prefer to stay in small spaces rather than spend their savings buying or building big homes and big wide-open spaces. Living in small spaces has become the latest trend in the housing markets. People have realized that for simple living and easy maintenance, small houses are the best option. However, can you accommodate furniture in that space? Furniture designing is one of the top product design courses in Chennai, which teaches about many space-saving innovative furniture designs. People who have a small space are looking for space-saving ideas that can serve multi-purposes.

Innovative Furniture Designs

Here are certain innovative furniture designs as advised by some of the best furniture designers from top B.des colleges in Chennai.

1. Murphy Bed

If you have a small space, it might be difficult for you to accommodate a new bed. Many people face such issues, and the best option is opting for a Murphy bed. Also known as a pull-down bed, wall, bed, or fold-down bed, murphy beds are a type of bed that can be kept against a wall when you are not using it. If you want, you also keep it folded into a cabinet or a closet. Because of their multifunctionality and space-saving features, many people opt for such beds.

2. Pick Chair

The pick chair is a folding chair and a wonderful example of functional art. The chair, built over a hinged metal framework, can be hung on a wall if not used.

3. Majestic Desk Bed

This is much better than any other bed as it is a combination of a full-size bed and a large desk. The desk bed comes in full or queen size and can be stored vertically. Compared to other horizontally opening beds, the desk bed takes up quite less wall space, and one can easily access the bed from both sides.

4. Foldable Kitchen

Be it small or big, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces of a home. A small, congested kitchen can make food preparation quite challenging. So how about getting a fully functioning kitchen that can be folded into a pretty stylish looking box after use and can be kept in a corner until you require it again. Such a foldable kitchen has multiple features such as an oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and cooktop.

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Space Saving Ideas

Here are some more space saving ideas for your small space.

5. Sofa Storage

L-shaped sofas are the best when it comes to saving space in a small home. These sofas offer sufficient spacing and go well with floor seating, chairs, etc. Opt for an L-shaped sofa with extra storage space for covers, pillows, bedsheets, towels, and toys. By investing in an L-shaped sofa, you can save a lot rather than spending it on buying another chest of drawers.

6. Extra Storage In The Bedroom

The bedrooms are the one section at home that requires plenty of storage space. Sometimes we might feel that wardrobes are not enough, and we end up buying many almirahs and extra wardrobes to store blankets, knick-knacks, etc. Wouldn’t it be the best idea to invest on a hydraulic bed instead of buying more and more wardrobes? This bed offers many storage spaces, and you can even store suitcases in it.

7. Storage Space For Shoes

Cluttered shoe storage can be unsightly, and if you have a small space, it can completely ruin your house. So it is important to find a shoe cabinet, which does not take too much of your house space. A vertical shoe cabinet would be a great idea to store the shoes, as it occupies more wall space than floor space.

8. More Space For Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is the one place that requires more storage facilities. If you are in a small space, the best option would be a semi-modular or modular kitchen, as it offers many unique storage facilities. To save space, you can opt for furniture ideas such as a tall unit, which helps store items in the kitchen.

Space-saving furniture ideas are on the rise as people are leaning more towards minimalism. With the above mentioned innovative furniture ideas and space saving ideas, one can easily transform their small space into a comfortable home. Continue Reading

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