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May 24, 2021
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May 24, 2021

You love your work and you feel productive, but on the other hand you hate it when the first one arrives at the end of the day. You can change this by adding these seven simple elements.

Bring just a bit of fun to your workplace.
Inject some ease into the workplace. It will look like a funny joke when you drink your coffee in the morning.

If they start looking for it in the morning, the way they start the day will change. Have the copy arrive in time and place it on any desk. If this is not possible, place it on the inside of the toilet door or mirror, or in a lounge or drinking fountain. If it’s a day off, call it a day of jokes.

Make someone else’s day.
This was my first foray into undercover operations. At first it was very difficult to get in. But it put a smile on every face.Choose one that is particularly disgusting and send it home. Follow what your colleagues eat and drink. Once you do that, people will start to be nicer to each other and they will start to mimic your behaviour. Once there are a few of these people, they will slowly begin to get along. Discover what people want and pay for it.

Hate your current task? Stop and do something fun.
Maybe you hate your current position. Take a break and have fun. Put on your headphones, dance or whistle as you walk down the hall.

You will notice that if you do this for an hour, you will be able to perform much better. And when you get home, you’re in good shape.This was not possible for me, because my office is tiny, but could be for pretty much anyone else, i.e.

Lunch time was rescheduled as time for team meetings. We had a good time listening to music during our lunch break. But we had our own thoughts on the subject. In fact, lunch took place two days a week. People started bringing their lunch and staying after everyone else had gone to lunch, and we not only listened to music, but also shared our personal struggles and bounced ideas off each other.

This makes the solid wood office desk furniture workplace more personal than ever, both physically and emotionally, and it is something that anyone can leave behind and leave behind.

Decorate you workspace.
Decorate the outside of your cube to inspire your colleagues to be creative. Maybe you like colorful balloons. Or maybe you are interested in competitions like this. Sometimes you have to get rid of inhibitions.

In the nice weather, have a parking lot picnic.

There are tournaments to adapt work areas to each other, e.g. E.t.a.m.s.
We have a barbecue in the parking lot and the receptionist and secretary are happy to participate. Bring your barbecue and food with you every month. It has a positive impact on the whole environment. In winter, organise a themed lunch and bring your own food. Weather permitting, picnic in the parking lot.

Put a team together to do good.
She has been our most loyal supporter ever since. Local nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity and the Boys and Girls Club are always looking for volunteers. Gather a group of people who want to help each other. Adopt a few families and spend a holiday with them.

An office worker sacrificed an entire weekend to paint the classrooms of an inner-city kindergarten. And another did so for an office worker who sacrificed entire weekends to paint classrooms in an inner-city kindergarten.

There are advantages in participating in such activities. Instead of feeling great, colleagues develop personal bonds that go beyond the workplace. This is the kind of relationship where you ask for help when you need it without feeling like you’re harassing or harassing someone else. Instead, one should think about what to do next.

Find inspiration from others.
Go to a bookstore and browse in the areas of self-help and performance. There is a lot of fascinating material in print. Take a few books about how to make work more enjoyable, including mental and physical exercises that encourage you to do something that you can put into practice. I do not use these books, but I am sure that they contain some clever ideas.

Every day you should be able to get out of bed and look forward to going to work with this attitude. If you resent your boss or your work responsibilities, there will be days when you can change your mind. Accept that you cannot keep changing them. There will be times when you will do what you have to do.

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