Creative Designs International Furniture Fair,2017- An Overview

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The ‘Creative Designs’ Furniture Fair held every year is regarded by industry experts as a major design-led exhibition. With many years of experience since its inaugural event, this furniture expo paves the way for many regional and international companies into the global market.

‘Creative Designs’ features an extensive range of furniture and furnishing accessories by a diverse group of brilliant exhibitors. The fair also aims at providing access to the latest technology and machinery in the furniture design field. An exceptional participation by trade buyers and visitors from the furniture field all over the world is what the highlight of the event is. Let us start an overview of the event with a peek into the last year statistics.

Tremendous sale history

The 2016 edition of the fair was a grand success with immense participation from exhibitors and buyers all over the world. There were over 1300 exhibitors and almost 12000 buyers (Many of them were overseas buyers) making the show a global one in terms of sale.

More publicity

Creative Designs Furniture Fair organisers continually advertise in many professional magazines which are read all over the world. In addition to that, a lot of mainstream and professional media outlets and many internet media also provided coverage of the Furniture Fair. The aim of the organisers was to maximise the reach of the event to attract more people.

Greater participation and greater sale

Owing to the increased publicity given by the organisers, this year witnessed more participation from over hundred and fifty countries around the world. The sale was an enormous one going above all the estimated values. Such a huge sale can be attributed to the unmatchable quality of the exhibited items.

Enhanced Service

The customer service provided by the event was excellent. There were executives to describe every furniture displayed and to clarify the doubts of the prospective customers. Being an event where thousands were taking part, prevention of chaos was an important area to be concentrated. Superior care was ensured in those areas. The organised manner of the event made it easy for the exhibitors as well as the visitors.

Convenient hospitality

There are many hotels within a 20-minute drive from the exhibition hall. Among them, there are both five-star and three-star hotels. The organisers had taken special care to satisfy the hospitality needs of such a large scale exhibition. There were consultants appointed to take care of the accommodation requirements of the visitors.

Excellent Set-up

The exhibition hall had been set up beautifully and in a very organised fashion. The credit of the decoration arrangements goes to DCS Decoration Event Planners who had done a splendid job with exotic flowers adding charm to the exhibition venue. The decorators had indeed shown great commitment by assigning Mr.RaghuRam as their representative consultant whose services was available right from the beginning to the end of the event.

According to, conducting international fairs play an important role in creating a global impact. Creative Designs have given an incredible platform for many young aspirers in the industry. Let ‘s hope that this trend continues in the future!


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