How Can Sitting Posture Influence Your Health?

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January 24, 2019
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Image that shows a professional woman working in a computer with a smile on her face.

Image that shows a professional woman working in a computer with a smile on her face.

The sitting posture that you maintain during work or when you relax at home is of greater significance. You have to make sure that you sit in the right posture so that you keep your spine and the back healthy. The posture of a person contributes to the physical health of a person. See that you sit straight without bending so that you maintain a proper posture. You may also feel confident by doing this. Today lots of people suffer from back pain and other joint related problems. This is mainly due to the bad sitting positioning. The use of the right furniture in the workplace can help to maintain the correct posture.Here you can find the importance of sitting posture and how it affects your health.

How Good Posture Benefits your Health ?

A good posture is defined by aligning your body in the right way so that the tension applied to each muscle getsImage that resembles a professional woman working in a computer in her workplace distributed evenly. Maintaining a good posture can offer the following benefits.

  • You can improve your overall physical health
  • Your spine and back stays healthy
  • You can maintain a balance when you move around
  • The strain on the joints and muscles are reduced which in turn reduces its wear and tear.

What Is The Right Sitting Position ?

People are unaware of the right sitting position, and this spoils their posture and physical health. The following are the things that you should look for to maintain a proper sitting posture.

  • You have to keep your feet flat on the floor when you sit.
  • Do not cross your ankles or knees when sitting for a long time.
  • Make sure that there is a gap between the back of the knee and the furniture you sit.
  • See that you place your knees at the same height.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed when you sit.
  • Your elbows should be placed such that it forms L-shape.

Follow the above for maintaining the right sitting position. Make sure that you do not sit in a place for long hours.

Riverday Spa, a leading Saloon and Spa Centre in Chennai, tells us how massage therapy provides relief to muscles and joints.

Image that resembles the massage equipments placed on the floorMassage Therapy’s Expanding Role in Health Care

Due to poor posture, you might hurt your back and spine. This can be corrected when you undergo proper massage therapy session. Massage can help to restore your body and brings the body muscles on track. Massage therapy offers flexibility to the body which reduces the strain to the muscles. It loosens the muscles and joints and thereby keeping your body healthy. Massages would help to retain your natural posture which offers several health benefits.

Tips for choosing furniture for your workplace

The choice of furniture in your workplace and at home plays a significant role in your body posture. People usually spend most of their time at the office. Thus choose a comfortable chair that helps to maintain a proper body posture. It is worth investing in quality furniture so that you feel comfortable in your workplace. Check the following aspects when buying furniture at your workplace.

  • Pick furniture that comes with proper back support
  • Choose a chair with appropriate arm support.
  • The seat of the office chair should be comfortable and it should able to distribute your body weight evenly.

Understand the significance of proper sitting posture and enjoy several health benefits.

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  1. Abira says:

    Nowadays, most people are spending long hours in front of computer. If you are a person who work most of the type in front of computer, you need to maintain a good posture. Body massage remains effective in getting back your original posture.

  2. Aadhav says:

    Office furniture should be selected in a careful manner. The chair should not be stiff and uncomfortable. By setting up right office furniture, your employees would get sick on frequent basis. Leather recliners are perfect option to setup at home.

  3. Harija says:

    Ergonomic chairs remains comfortable for both office and home environments. You have to see the features of chair and check whether it is provides right support. The seat should not remain soft and at the same time it should not lack support.

  4. Irfan says:

    It is an excellent blog. I am a person who work more than 8 hours at office. I was facing various health issues due to poor posture. Now, I have changed my entire table and chair setup and feeling better. It is a blog which should be read by all people.

  5. Dhakshin says:

    By choosing the right office furniture, you can expect increased productivity in your workplace. It helps in maintaining a comfortable postural position, which increases energy levels and helps in clarity of thinking and better concentration. The slouching position affects the chest activity and makes hard to breath.

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