Benzzoni has been in the business of creating functional office spaces and interior designing for over twenty years. We started as a small firm with a team of just two members. As time went by, our customer bases expanded, and so did our team. We now employ 150 people full time. This has been possible due to our policy of offering a hundred per cent satisfaction to our customers. Benzonni has several contacts in the furniture industry, and get you deals on top quality office furniture like conference tables, cubicles, etc.

Benzonni understands that the office space needs to inspire and offer people comfortable environment here they can get their creative juices flowing.  Keeping this in mind, our staff of talented interior designers can help refurbish your entire office with a soothing and energetic vibe that will have your staff enthusiastic about getting to work. With the right use of colors, your office will soon be the hub of activity that it deserves to be.

Employees usually spend around 8 to 10 hours at their desk every day. It is up to the employers to offer them a more comfortable seating arrangement with ergonomic chairs that will help reduce the employees’ discomfort as well. Taking steps to make the office workspace more comfortable and suitable to the employees will help you will get plenty of loyalty points. So, give us a call today, and we will help you come up with a new office plan that will jazz up the whole place.

Office furniture has gone through plenty of changes since its initial inception. With every office fixture moving towards more comfort and luxury, it has become a challenging affair to put together the right pieces at affordable prices. Designing the office workspace with enough white space to move around comfortably is a challenge. The multi-talented staff at Benzonni has perfected the art of designing an office in such a way that it does not seem crowded but offers an optimal seating arrangement at the same time.

If you plan on including a recreational space in your office, Benzonni can help you choose one that will suit the temperament of your employees as well as be cost-effective. Since jobs can be a stressful affair these days, offering a place to lose some stress is an ideal way to help your employees be better at their jobs. Some recreational spaces include some indoor games like an indoor table tennis, or a dart board. This will help them get rid of some steam and be ready to get back to work. Benzonni can also customize your current workspace to be a trendier by doing a simple refurbishing without affecting your day to day business activities.

The staff at Benzonni have years of experience in transforming offices. The first meeting with the customer helps us get an idea of what kind of look you are going for. Once this is established, it makes it easier to create a blueprint for the changes to be made. Our second meeting will give you an insight to what our interior designers have planned for your office space. You are free to make suggestions or changes according to your requirements. Once the blueprint is nailed down, our team of interior designers goes hunting for office furniture and unique pieces to turn your office into a whole new place. So give us a call and give your office a makeover!